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Our clients always walk out the door smiling. They feel refreshed, like a whole new person, and ready to take on the day!



Starting from $10 - $25

Not only is a scalp massage a great way to relax, but it also provides wonderful health benefits.

When you opt for a scalp massage, you're also relieving stress, reducing tension, improving circulation to your head and neck to ease headache pain, lowering blood pressure and, of course, promoting hair growth!

Finish it off with a hair treatment, and your hair will never look better.

Services Include:
  • Scalp massage ($15)
  • Scalp massage 2 ($15)
  • Scalp massage 3 ($20)
  • Hair treat ($10)
  • Hair treat 2 ($15)
  • Hair treat 3 ($20)
  • Hair treat 4 ($25)

Come in and treat your scalp to a rejuvenating treatment today.



Starting from $2 - $75

Threading is the ideal alternative to waxing, as it's all natural and beneficial for the skin.

What exactly is threading? 100% cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso, and lifts hair right out of the follicles.

No chemicals are used and it's much gentler than waxing, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or for sensitive areas on your face. Brow shaping using threading, as opposed to waxing, produces more precise results. And (bonus!) say goodbye to those ingrown hairs.

Services Include:
  • Brow shaping ($7)
  • Lips ($5)
  • Lower lip ($2)
  • Chin ($5)
  • Sideburns ($10)
  • Forehead ($10)
  • Eyebrows and upper lip ($10)
  • Eyebrows, upper lip and chin ($15)
  • Lips and chin ($10)
  • Eyebrows, upper lip, forehead and chin ($19)
  • Sideburns, chin and eyebrows ($22)
  • Full face ($25)
  • Makeup combo ($50)
  • Mom and daughter threading combo ($20)
  • Age defying signature facial ($75)
  • Lotus gold ($45)
  • Lotus pearl ($45)
  • Lotus diamond ($45)
  • Lotus gold 1 ($45)

Visit us to keep your skin feeling smooth and fresh, the natural way.



Starting from $5 - $135

Waxing different parts of the face and body can come with a great deal of relief, promoting a less stressful lifestyle and fresh, smooth skin for longer.

Some benefits of waxing include less regrowth as the hair doesn't grow back as quickly as shaving; finer regrowth; fewer ingrown hairs; eliminating itching, cuts and that pesky shaving rash. Plus, it's similar to exfoliating, meaning it helps to clear your pores.

Get pampered and treat yourself to a professional waxing to experience the benefits for yourself. You'll never go back to the razor.

Services Include:
  • Brow shaping ($7)
  • Lips ($5)
  • Chin ($5)
  • Forehead ($5)
  • Sideburns ($10)
  • Nose ($5)
  • Lips and chin ($10)
  • Eyebrows, upper lip, chin and forehead ($19)
  • Full face ($25)
  • Chest ($50)
  • Stomach ($20)
  • Back ($45)
  • Underarms ($10)
  • Half arms ($15)
  • Full arms ($22)
  • Half legs ($25)
  • Full legs ($35)
  • Full legs, full arms and underarms ($67)
  • Bikini ($30)
  • Brazilian ($45)
  • Full body ($135)

Book your appointment now and leave with your skin feeling smoother than ever.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Starting from $20

Gorgeous makeup is never complete without stunning eyelash extensions. Your new set is waiting for you, guaranteed to turn heads when you're out for the night.

Just a pro tip to keep in mind: the cleaner you keep your eyelash extensions, the longer they will last.

Services Include:
  • Eyelash extension set ($20)
  • Eyelash extension re-touch (free)

Come get your lashes on for the final touches on your eye-catching look.



Starting from $35 - $174

Want to try something new and let a professional handle your look? From everyday makeup, to customized sessions based on your skin and face shape, to important events and extravagant wedding day needs, we've got you covered.

Our makeup artists will build up your self-esteem and confidence so you can step out into the world knowing you look fabulous at every moment.

Let us take care of you and we'll make sure you leave feeling like royalty.

Services Include:
  • Makeup application ($35)
  • Analysis and instruction ($45)
  • Wedding ($174)

See us in our salon to get your makeup makeover today.



Starting from $5 - $75

We provide only high quality, lasting henna for you to enjoy.

Improve your hair health with our henna treatments. Breakage prevention, increased shine, better appearance and dandruff prevention are only a few of the many benefits you'll experience.

Soothe your body and calm your mind with additional hand application for the final touch.

Services Include:
  • Henna mask ($25)
  • Henna long hair ($35)
  • Belt ($5)
  • Bring your own henna ($10)
  • Henna party ($75 per hour, regardless of design or hand size)

Treat yourself - you deserve it. Book your henna appointment now.



Starting from $100 - $179

We encourage a healthy lifestyle through our health and wellness services. Offering a variety of packages and combos to better serve you individually or as a pair.

Bring your mother, daughter or sister and experience bliss together. Everyone deserves relaxation, and let's be honest, it's more fun with a friend!

Services Include:
  • Beauty combo mix services ($100)
  • Thanksgiving face polish ($10)
  • Sisters combo 1 - includes full face threading, half legs wax, full hands wax, underarms wax and scalp massage for two ($122)
  • Sisters combo 2 - includes full face threading, half legs wax, fall arms wax, underarms wax and scalp massage for two ($179)

Come in to take advantage of our special combos.



Starting from $10 - $30

We offer several packages to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed for the week ahead.

Services Include:
  • Relaxing 1 ($10)
  • Relaxing 2 ($15)
  • Relaxing 3 ($30)

Join us to pamper yourself with special treatment.



Starting from $14 - $60

Do you suffer from clogged pores, acne or dry skin? A facial is the answer to all of your problems.

Facials will help hydrate your skin, balance skin tone, reduce acne, clear pores and remove dead skin cells. Plus, the massaging of your face increases circulation and relaxes your facial muscles. Why is this important? Wrinkle prevention!

A good skincare routine is only as good as the products you use. While good quality products can help your skin look better now as well as in the future, poor quality products can be ineffective and even cause harm.

Here at Pink Is In Salon, we use only the best for our clients so you can rest assured knowing that you're in the best hands in the industry.

Services Include:
  • Mini facial ($25)
  • Mini facial combo - includes brows and upper lip threading ($35)
  • Face polish ($20)
  • Facial ($40)
  • Facial with extractions ($40)
  • Face herbal bleach ($15)
  • Back facial ($60)
  • Eyebrow tinting ($14)
  • Fruits facial ($40)
  • Haldi chandan ($35)
  • Face cleaning ($15)
  • Shahnaz gold facial ($50)
  • Shahnaz pearl facial ($50)
  • Shahnaz chocolate facial ($50)
  • Shahnaz diamond facial ($50)
  • D taning facial ($45)
  • Bridal whiting ($55)
  • Platinum facial ($55)
  • Herbal gold ($45)

Give your skin a breath of fresh air - book your treatment now.

You deserve to feel awesome

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